Review: WET WILLIES 70s 80s Classic Rock Club

willies-signWET WILLIES 70s 80s Classic Rock Club

Wet Willies is one of the oldest hangouts in SL still standing and going strong. The traffic the club attracts is extremely high (In the previous day to this review, the SL search showed a 67499 traffic count, wow!) and is known for the 70s-80s classic rock music played by its DJs and its 24/7 busy dance floor. We decided to check it out!

We arrived Wet Willies at around 02:00pm SLT on Saturday, November 1st, 2014.
The landing point is at an HUGE outdoor mall, the club is visible to sight and in a short walking distance from the LP, a good idea as the dance floor was already packed with approximately 30 avatars upon our arrival and loading took some time.
We walked up some stairs into Wet Willies to find a Dj and host in the club. No dancers and no visible theme.
It should be said that the lag was great, some of us crashed, others decided to de-render many of the avs on floor just to be able to stay there.



WET WILLIES is a large warehouse looking club. It has metal floors and concrete walls, scaffolds on the ceiling and it is wide open from 3 sides, one wall is a large stage where the DJ and Host were standing on.

  • The club is built inside of an old warehouse. The concrete barrier gives way to a dance floor made of metal grating.
  • A lot of signs and ads around even the mall is visible from every entry and exit
  • The club itself has quite a bland theme to it, nothing that particularly stands out to me. The area itself inside the club feels a little too large and open with a lot of empty space to be filled on the dance floor which indicates the club is expecting a large amount of traffic

Through the opened walls you can see the shopping mall that surrounds he clubs. There are some music related poster in the club, some advertisements, and a big sign invites you to join their staff.  There are a couple of chairs if you want to sit down and relax but they are out of the floor’s chat range.

It seems to us like the main thought of the design was to be a room big enough to fill the insane amount of Avs in the club, with a desire to maybe try to fit to everyone’s taste – it has no specific character or say, it is practical and roomy.

General Visual Score – 3

willies-floor-2Communication ___________________________________________________________________________

Walking into Wet Willies we are warmly greeted by the hostess and by few of the avs in the room.
There is a relaxed chat going on in local, a Trivia game is running and the general feel is very friendly, welcoming and warm.
Both Host and DJ are engaged in chat, and we are truly impressed by how no one is ignored, everyone is greeted and talked to even though people are constantly coming in and out.

  • Very friendly. Was greeted right away by both members of staff
  • With Trivia going on tonight there is plenty of chat from VIP’s guessing and general fun
  • DJ was engaging in local chat which is always a plus
  • The atmosphere is pretty relaxed to the point where I feel comfortable enough to talk in local and feel welcome by others there.
  • The atmosphere is slightly interrupted with the TP point being so close causing people passing by to be picked up on radar and welcomed before they get chance to move up to everyone.

The crowd and staff are both using a lot of gestures and spankers. At some points the spam was completely overtaking the chat. At other times it wasn’t bothersome.

General Friendly Score – 4.3

willies-out-3Music _______________________________________________________________________________________

Wet Willies has a very busy schedule of 24/7. It is published as a 70s-80s Classic Rock venue.

What’s going on in the club

  • 02:00pm – 04:11pm – DJ Dax Bonetto

When you come to Wet Willies you expect GREAT classic rock. You expect to hear familiar and loved tunes and it is exactly what we were served in our visit at the club.
The DJ played a fantastic mix of song from the 70s, 80s and even 90s, transiting with professionalism between genres and styles, and mixing up the music with humorous voice overs. We loved it!

  • I Got exactly what i thought i should be getting at Wet Willies. This is THE classic rock venue in sl and that’s what you are getting when you come here.
  • The music was well known and fun, even a few songs that felt like “oh i love this and i haven’t heard it in forever”
  • I quite enjoyed the music played during this set which wasn’t the same old classic rock songs you hear everywhere else
  • The DJ played Classic music which I loved, none of the cliche classics that you typically hear from most other clubs.
  • The songs fit together well and had a nice flow to them.

There was a smooth balance between very well known classic rock songs and some less familiar songs by super famous artists. We were delighted when we didn’t feel like we’ve heard the same ol’ songs we hear in every classic rock set around the grid.

Examples of songs played while we were there:

  • ZZ Top – Gimme all your lovin’
  • Adelitas Way – Dirty Little Thing
  • Pretenders – Brass In Pocket

General Music Score – 4.3


General Impression ______________________________________________________________________

If you enjoy the Classic Rock tunes and looking for a lively hangout with a friendly conversation –
Wet Willies might be the place for you, as long as your computer can handle the incredible lag there.
Don’t expect a unique adventure when going to Wet Willies. the place offers a “fit to all” experience with its design and music genre and we believe that this is one of the main reasons that this place is so packed and hopping all the time.

The crowd at Wet Willies is for the most part dressed casually, and is very varied between old school system clothing to the newest mesh designs out there.

  • I’m not a fan of giant clubs with giant malls with lots of lag
  • The club’s site published on their facebook page is dead, not loading.
  • The music was brilliant but unfortunately was let down by the gesturing between a constant stream of people passing through.

We left Wet Willies at 04:18pm, there were more than 35 avatars on the dance floor when leaving.

wet willies graph

General Club Score – 3.9


Ever been to WET WILLIES?
Tell us your own impressions in the comments!

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Review: Ohana Rock Club


Ohana Rock Club

Ohana Rock Club is a well known establishment in SL.
The club has traffic markers that go out the roof all through the week (the SL search showed nearly 32k traffic on the day before our visit) and it is self-tagged on the land tab as “the friendliest place in SL”.

We arrived to Ohana Rock Club at around 5PM on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.
We reached the club via a post on the SL events board. There were 16 avatars on the dance floor when we got there, a DJ and a host on stage, no dancers and no visible theme.
The club is situated beside a large mall. It took us a fair amount of time to load as the sim was quite lagged and the club was full.

Ohana-WalkInVisuality ____________________________________________________________________________________

Once you teleported to Ohana’s location, you need to walk through a tunnel of advertisement boards to get inside the club. There are ads everywhere, no matter which direction you look, you see them.
Even inside the club there are vendors and ads all over the walls. Big flashy signs for club donations and it all creates a strong feeling that you aren’t there to hangout and enjoy a good time but in fact you need to be shopping – lots.

  • Signs everywhere. If you didn’t know you came to Ohana’s you definitely know now, before you ever make it into the club.
  •  I HATED the bombardment of ads.
  • A sign next to the bar giving you all the rules, of which “no posting web links or send items in order to protect our VIPs”

The club itself is a mid-sized old school prim building designed as a wooden porch, with a wide dance area, a bar and a stage where the DJ and host are dancing.
There are motorcycles outside the club and the general feel is of a classic biker bar. There is almost no use of Mesh in the club, even the lights are prims with light textures on them. There is no sitting area except for some bar stools.

  • The only furniture are the bar stools along the far wall where the bar is.
  • Wood paneling everywhere and a textured prim of scaffolding along the sides and top of the stage
  • DJ and Host are on a stage or event platform away from the crowd
  • The build and general design leave me feeling like the owners thought “This is good enough. VIPs will come anyway”

General Design Score – 2

Ohana-floor-1Communication _____________________________________________________________________________

Walking into Ohana Rock Club we are kindly greeted by the friendly hostess, and engaging a short small talk about our well being. The dance floor was quite full and a laid back conversation is going on in local through our entire stay, the hostess and VIPs are using gestures but nothing too irritating.
Many people come in and out of the club and all are well greeted. It is easy to start conversing and the general atmosphere is pretty relaxed and friendly.
The hostess and DJ are engaged with the crowd, making jokes and small talk and make everyone feel welcome.

  • Everyone is friendly enough if you’re willing to engage them
  • It’s chilled , nothing too deep, only small talk.

General Friendly Score – 4

Ohana-floor-2Music ____________________________________________________________________________________

Ohana Rock club Has a 24/7 events schedule posted on their site. The shifts are of three hours each unlike the two hour shifts that are very common across SL.

What’s going on in the club

  • 05:10PM – 06:00PM – DJ Oscker

Minding the way the club looks and the advertisement on their site and facebook about playing the best classic rock in SL, we were very confused with the hour of music we experienced at Ohana Rock Club. It was surely not what we expected.
The DJ played a confusing mix oh Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, 80s Pop and even Electronic music. He followed his tunes with long, long voice overs, and between every single song there was a jingle reminding us that we are at Ohana. Not that we could ever forget with the huge number of signs around us.

  • No focus, no theme to the set, no flow or structure whatsoever
  • Terrible transitions between songs, no sense in the mix
  • A confused mix of classic rock and alternative, and as I type this he plays an electro song…

Examples of songs played while we were there:

  • Deep Purple – Demon’s Eye – 1996 Digital Remaster
  • Duran Duran – Wild Boys
  • Pendulum – The Other Side

General Music Score – 2.5

Ohana-outsideGeneral Impression ________________________________________________________________________

When we decided to go to Ohana Rock Club, knowing that it is one of the most successful rock clubs in SL, we expected more than what we were served. A lot more.
We were literally appalled by the number of advertisements on the sim and inside the club – greed is not an appealing attribute when you are looking for a new hangout.
The music, which should be the main reason for hanging out at Ohana Rock Club was not up to par and lacked any sense of direction or theme. The mix left us confused.

  • It’s Ohana’s, I wanted more.
  • People crashed all the time, was laggy
  • Too much signage, way too much
  • The staff were friendly and seemed eager to help, it’s the only thing I feel that was right

The staff we encountered at Ohana were very friendly and did their best to engage with the crowd and make us all feel welcome and comfortable.

The crowd at Ohana was very “rock oriented” by clothes. a lot of leather, a mix of mesh and system clothes. There was a healthy mix of old and new avatars in the club.

The club has a TIS danceball server in-house – A great bonus!

General Club Score – 2.8

Ohana graph

While dancing, 15 minutes before the set ended, the club building was gone – it disappeared!
We ended up standing on a prim floor only. when we asked in local what happened – no one answered.

After staying a bit longer we realized they were rezzing a themed event build, piece by piece, regardless of a packed dance floor.
A pre-made build for the theme and a smooth switch between building would have been optimal.


Ever been to Ohana Rock Club?
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Review: VOODOO BAYOU Keeping the Family and Blues Alive

entryVOODOO BAYOU Keeping the Family and Blues Alive

The VOODOO BAYOU is a blues music club that runs nearly 24/7 and has a loaded schedule right through the week and some very high traffic events. It has been around for a long time and has a reputation of some of the finest blues acts in SL.

We arrived at Voodoo Bayou at around 04:00pm SLT on Saturday, October 25, 2014.
The landing point is right at the entrance of the club, beside a mini-mall. Loading took some time as the place was crowded with 20+ avatars on the dancefloor and was rather lagged
We found the club through the SL events board, on our visit there was a chilled DJ set going in the club, one host and no dancers.

dancefloor-1Visuality _____________________________________________________________________________________

  • Shack, barn?
  • Very natural and laid back
  • Comfy
  • I was SURE this is a country club until I looked at the title. Everything about the club design is saying country

The VOODOO BAYOU is a country-looking blues club. Sounds a bit confusing? We thought so too at first but the super-chilled atmosphere in the place just felt completely right with the south western decor.
The club build is on the old school side. There was hardly any use of mesh, no shading in textures and it feels like the place hasn’t changed a lot in years, yet it was very roomy and pleasant, there were no flashing signs, no commercial vendors and the bar area (promoted in the club as a no top allowed for men dancing on it) balanced a big stage across it on the other side of the room.

  • DJ/band stage with scaffolding up the sides
  • A very southern blues club
  • Very big deck overlooking river boat with games and a bar
  • A very visible DJ schedule board hanging on the wall by the stage
  • The mesh furniture and the addition of mesh decor makes you forget that the building and textures are very old skool

The club has a back porch area with games and a dance floor.
The outside of the club is designed as a swamp. It is surprisingly beautiful and very well made and also could be great for photo taking.

General Design Score – 4

outside-2Communication _______________________________________________________________________________

Communication in the club seems to be its Achilles Heel.
When we entered the club only one of us was greeted by a member of staff. Throughout our entire stay in the club there were at least 15 avatars on the dancefloor yet there was hardly any conversation in local that wasn’t the host/DJ. It seems like many of the people who come to the Voodoo Bayou, are not very interested in conversing but stay in IM or do other things silently.
When regulars would walk into the club, there would be a short burst of local chat that disappeared quickly.

  • Very quiet and laid back
  • No bots or sploders spamming chat
  • Staff should be more engaged with the room and less with music/IM/or other distractions that could be happening

General Friendly Score – 2.5

dancefloor-2Music ______________________________________________________________________________________

The Voodoo Bayou has a very busy schedule of almost 24/7. Weekends are busier than weekdays.

What’s going on in the club

  • 04:10pm – 05:18pm – DJ Rollin Petrolhead

If you are looking for a relaxing time and like to listen to blues music, this set would be perfect!
The DJ, who seems to be doing this for a long time now, has taken us on a journey of wonderful bluesy tunes combined with short voice overs. The DJ played some well known blues hits and some we never heard before, the general vibe was very chilled and dreamy, we loved it!
The DJ also played requests and dedications.

  • I was expecting a country club and was surprised to get some very decent blues
  • Very nice selection of chill out blues

Examples of songs played while we were there:

  • Walter Trout And The Radicals – Go The Distance
  • ZZ Ward – Put The Gun Down
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble – Lenny

General Music Score – 4.5


General impression __________________________________________________________________________

We were delighted to find a place where you can hangout and relax while listening to really fine music.
If you are looking for a quiet evening and maybe a lovely date, The Voodoo Bayou is the place for that.
On the other hand, if you want some upbeat party time and a live conversation, you probably should look for a different destination.

  • Besides the lag I was very pleasantly surprised with this visit
  • Even with the old skool feeling of the place this is an sl club done right

The crowd in the club is varied, new and old. The crowd is dressed very casually and simply.

The club has a TIS danceball server in-house – A great bonus!

We left the Voodoo Bayou at 05:18pm, there were more than 20 avatars on the dancefloor when leaving.

General Club Score – 3.7


bayou graph


Ever been to The VOODOO BAYOU?
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Review: — :BittR.end: — Rock and Metal Night Club and Mall


— :BittR.end: — Rock and Metal Night Club and Mall

We arrived to :BittR.end: around 01:30pm SLT on Friday, October 24, 2014.
A small group of excited avatars with fresh new review forms, celebrating the first group review of a SL club.

:BittR.end: is a well known rock club in SL and it has been here for a very long time, collecting VIPs and kicking ass.
The place was rather empty when we get there – a DJ dancing in a secluded DJ booth, a dancer on a stage and one VIP dancing on the floor.  Greeted by the staff there we feel welcome, a modern rock song is in the air and we start to dance.

4Visuality ____________________________________________________________________________________

  • The sign for the club is really well done and sits up above the entrance which is held up by two large columns with curtains draped between them.
  • The front of the club is open and as you walk in you see the DJ booth at the top of a short flight of stairs and either side a small stage for a dancer to stand on.

The :BittR.end: Club is situated in a side of a mall,  and it is on the old school side. The building is made of prims, there’s no use of mesh. It is large and roomy, the entrance is very welcoming and the club is right in front of you when you TP in. The entire feel of the club is a rusted industrial building there is a use of bare pipes, fire escape-styled stairs and broken glass panes in the roof.
The furniture is not recent either.  The dominant colors in the club are brown, orange, yellow and other rustic shades.
There is a corner of the club dedicated to BloodLines products, another is a sitting area with sofas and a fireplace.

  • The DJ booth is pushed so far back into the club that they must shout or use bots to greet people coming in. Same for the host/dance station.
  • The stairs and upper level are staff-only access

Design score –  3

3Communication _____________________________________________________________________________

Local chat was pretty quiet through our stay at The :BittR.end: although it was running on and off, and thankfully without a lot of spamming or gestures. When the chat was active it was a conversation between staff and crowd, which was pleasant and welcoming.

  • Welcoming and friendly. This set was also quite chilled and laid back.

We didn’t get too engaged in local chat but it felt like it could be easily possible if we wanted too.
There were no strangers IMs during our stay to any of us and no harassment of any kind.

  • It’s quiet, assuming the evenings get a little more business than the day time shifts

Friendly Score – 4


What’s going on in the club

  • 01:30pm – 02:00pm – DJ Chris Crisis
  • 02:00pm – our departure – DJ Khaioss

At the first part of our stay, the music was on the heavier side of the rock grid. Some modern rock tunes and some symphonic metal. The music changed drastically at the top of the first hour when the DJs switched and suddenly we found ourselves shaking to 80s and classic rock. There was no soft transition.

  • Alternating between heavy to alternative without any sort of flow or theme
  • Felt like a top 40 set

The music was very eclectic yet familiar and somewhat enjoyable at first. a lack of focus and structure made the set lose direction at some points even if the songs by themselves were fantastic.

Example for songs played during our stay:
– Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice
– Art Of Dying – Die Trying
– Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion

  • Mostly known rock songs with a few unheard of as well as hardly played tunes.
  • Cheesy
  • Eclectic
  • Confusing

Music Score – 3

1General impression __________________________________________________________________________

The people in the club were new and old, mostly rocker looking avatars. The staff were dressed with system outfits while you could see some mesh outfits among the crowd.

  • Varied. casual. rockers, old skool

The club is a rock club to the core – the music, the decor, the VIPs’ look.
There is a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly bunch of staff.

  • When I’m looking for a place to be obscure and get lost in for a while without a lot of expectations.
  • The staff are friendly and talkative, if you feel like joining in, and helpful if you have any questions.

We left :BittR.end: at around 03:00pm SLT. There were 18 avatars in the club when we left, including staff.


Average Overall Club Score – 3.5


Ever been to :BittR.end:?
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